ADOPTION Pending :)
Jake needs: Hi Everybody! I’m Jake the male Shih Tzu and I’m five-ish years old and about 17 pounds. I came to rescue with overgrown matted fur, fleas, bad ear infections, and in need of a dental. Thankfully, all those things have been taken care of by some really nice folks. I’m feeling sooo much better and I’m hoping to find a forever family that will give me the TLC that I’ve been dreaming about.

My foster momma says I need to share things with you about myself: the good, the bad, and the ugly. (She’s looking over my shoulder so I guess I can’t fib.)

THE GOOD: Like my wagging tail says, I’m a happy guy. I love to be in the same room with my humans, but sometimes I retreat to my own little area. At my foster family’s house, this is the laundry room, which has my crate and water/food dishes and a cool floor to lay on.
I’ll bark to remind you to feed me, and I enjoy a little treat after I walk. I’m a pretty good walker….I enjoy it even more when I’m with another dog. When I say walk, I don’t mean hike….I’ve done up to a mile with my foster mom, but really prefer shorter distances because being indoors is my favorite place to be. At first, I didn’t enjoy toys but my foster mom thinks that’s because I was insecure in my new digs. Now a big soft lamb is my favorite toy friend.
I get along with my foster dog sibling and the neighborhood dogs. I love to be picked up, cuddled, and whispered to….I’d stay in your arms for ages if you’d let me. I enjoy car rides – I just settle right down in my crate. I don’t bark much….really just when I’m hungry or when I want you to continue petting me.

THE BAD: If you offer me a treat, I might bite your finger off along with the treat. Oops. If you’re really slow in feeding me, my barking becomes rather annoying. Sorry. Sometimes I get lazy and just want to step outside to pee and skip the exercise. This isn’t good because the vet says I need to lose a few pounds. I don’t like it when my face is washed, and it’s hard to get me to stay still for it. Once in a while I have a “reverse coughing” fit --- my foster dad says I sound like a honking goose when this happens. Just stroke my neck and I’ll get over it. Reverse sneezing is very common in small dogs and nothing to worry about.

THE UGLY: If you don’t let me outside every 3 to 4 hours, I might have an accident in the house. What can I say? It’s hard for me to hold it for hours on end. My foster mom has worked with me by limiting the area I have access to in the house, and slowly expanding it. I’ve done really well, but I did have a couple of accidents. I’ll need help getting used to a new home and knowing the limits. I promise I will learn!

THE GOOD, AGAIN: My foster mom says I’m squeezable, lovable, and she thinks I’m going to find my “Momma/Papa Right” with no problem. Like I said, I’m dreaming of a forever family that will give me loads of TLC! Can it possibly be you? **crossing my paws** I’ll return it with some TLC of my own!

I am neutered, microchipped, had a dental, and am current on my vaccines and preventatives. I will require regular professional grooming at least every six weeks to keep my coat looking its best! My adoption fee is $175.