Adoption Pending :)
Jax's Requirements: Hi there! My name is Jax. I’m a handsome 4-year-old, 13-pound male Yorkie mix with such an unusual and beautiful colored coat!! My foster mom says that though I can be an anxious boy, I’m very loving and sweet. Once I learn to trust a person, I can be playful with them too. I’m also smart! Though I have no sight, I figured out where everything was in my foster parent’s home, along with how to master their porch steps on my first day. I learned too that lying on a sunny porch with my people nearby is one of my favorite things to do.

I was initially found in a field after being attacked by a large dog or coyote, and from there taken to a shelter. I was released to the rescue, so I could get the medical attention needed for my wounds. Since then, I’ve had multiple surgeries. Two were due to the coyote attack, one to repair a neck injury and the other to fix a tear behind my ribs. A 3rd surgery was on my eyes. Because I had cataracts, SBRET had hoped I’d be a good fit for cataract surgery. We were told after a consultation at University of TN Veterinary Hospital though that for me it would be a longer surgery, more risky, and with a lower success rate. I’d had the cataracts too long, causing issues to my lens. Since I had no sight anyway, at risk of getting glaucoma, and I hated the drops used to take away the inflammation in them, it was decided, with the vet’s agreement, to remove my eyes. As you can imagine, being alone in a field without sight, the attack, and all the surgeries since have caused me anxiety. It helped though that I was able to recover from all this quietly at my foster parents’ home, where I got lots of patience, love, and care. Other than having a grade 2 heart murmur which is not causing any symptoms, but will need to be monitored by a vet on occasion, I’m doing well and ready to find my forever person. I’m hoping for someone who will give me all the love I missed out on in my earlier life and the time and patience needed for me to fully trust them.

When first getting to my foster parent’s home I marked, but with gentle correction and getting me outside more, I stopped. I at times try to drink too much water. After being thoroughly checked out by the vet and given antibiotics to rule out infection, nothing was discovered to cause my wanting to drink more. It was determined that anxiety might be the cause. Now, my foster mom or dad just calmly say, “Jax, that’s enough.” I’m a good listener so I stop drinking, though I’ll admit to sometimes trying to sneak another drink a few minutes later. I do well at pottying outside if taken out 1st thing and every 2-3 hours, but when drinking too much, I am still at risk of pottying inside. So it’s always good to get me out to potty after I drink. I am getting better at walking on a leash and seem to enjoy it—I need continued work on my leash skills as do pull and wander a bit.

I initially struggle with meeting new dogs and people too. I rarely bark but when new people come into the home, I’m afraid, causing my anxieties to go up. I might bark a lot then. I don’t like other dogs getting in my face either. I need a quiet home and a family mindful of this anxiety when their friends or family visit. If young kids or grandkids visit, I’d not be a good fit. I usually adjust to other dogs and people if given time and space, but it can take awhile. Because of this, living in an apartment or condo would not work for me. And though I’m normally a very sweet and loving boy, there is a risk that when I am overly anxious, I will bite.

A 24” cozy wire crate in my foster parent’s living room is my safe place. I like being near the family, sometimes sitting next to them on the sofa or lying in a dog bed next to their chair, but other times when I’m tired or anxious, I like to go to my crate. I sleep well in it at night. I hope I’ll have a similar crate in my new home so I still have a safe place to go when anxious or tired. I also do well when crated on car rides, so would make a good short distance travel buddy. I love being where my people are, so I always want to go when they do. I whine a little when they leave me, so I have some separation anxiety. My foster mom gives me a small treat when they crate me before going. I like that. Actually I love it because I am somewhat obsessed with food. Sadly, my foster family had to cut back on how much kibble and treats I got because I went from being underweight to a bit over.

I need a dog-savvy, but patient person, who will help me as I work through my anxieties and fears. Someone who will give me affection, but also know when I need space. Because of my past and lack of sight, I am scared by quick movements and loud noises. It’s best not to grab at me or try to pull me out of a crate. Allow me the time to come out on my own. Because of my anxieties, I need a home with no children or other dogs, though an older, VERY calm dog might be OK. Though I have a few anxieties, overall I am a happy, low-maintenance boy and I think you’d quickly grow to love me.

I’ve been neutered, microchipped and I’m current on vaccines as well as up-to-date on heartworm and flea prevention. No dental was needed. If you are looking for a sweet and loving boy to share your life with, go to and fill out an adoption application and be sure to ask for Jax. My adoption fee is $175.