Adoption Pending :)
Adoption Area: Knoxville/East Tennessee

Kimmie needs: Hello, ya'll. I'm Kimmie. I'm a 12-pound, 2 to 2½-year-old female Chihuahua mix bundle of love. I'm spayed, up-to-date on my monthly preventatives and microchipped. I'm ready and anxious to find my forever family.

My foster mom says I'm one of the most perfect dogs she's ever had. I'm quiet -- unless I see crows near the patio; I used to bark to scare the interlopers away. But they ignore me now and eat the bread that my foster mom has thrown out for them, which I think she does just to torment me.

I'm very adaptable to the routine in the house. I go to the back door first thing in the morning when "mom" gets up. We go out to potty. Then it's breakfast time!! I love to eat! After my breakfast, and my foster mom has a cup of coffee, we head out for a short walk down the street for me to do my "other business". We do this same routine in the evening after my dinner. That's fine with me, because I enjoy walking in the neighborhood or in local parks. I meet strangers well, including older gentle children, but I grumble when they try to walk away; I'd much prefer that they stayed forever to pet me. (I've also met a few other dogs, and it went well as long as they don't intend to stay here. I want to be the "only dog" in the family, so I'll get ugly with canine interlopers!)

"Mom" taught me to go to the back door when she says, "Leash". That's the signal for me to sit quietly on the red rug at the patio door while she either puts the leash on or takes it off.

I came into rescue with a birth defect of severe luxating patellas that caused distortion in my rear legs. I have had a couple surgeries and I’ve been to the specialist to correct as much as possible, and the vet says I don't need anymore treatment. Yay! But my legs are a bit stiff and don't flex completely straight...hence, I have a bit of a crab walk. When I have to potty I keep my balance by walking a few steps while I do it. That's ok! Nothing slows me down! I'm up for anything. I wear a halter during walks because I also have a slight collapsing trachea which will make me cough if the pressure of a leash and collar pulls on my neck.

Some of the things I'm most proud of are what I've learned since being here. I sleep in my crate at night, and when no one is home. I don't mind at all as long as there's cushy bedding. As I said before, I've got routines for eating, sleeping and going out to relieve myself. I don't have any accidents in the house as long as there is someone who notices if I go to the back door and sit on the rug patiently. That's usually sometime between 2-3 in the afternoon. I don't destroy anything in the house, and I haven't tried to dig in the flowerbeds. I travel well in the car, and will nap quietly during the ride. I've learned not to beg at the table. And get ready for a shock! Remember me saying that I love to eat? That was really an understatement. When I first arrived at my foster mom's house, I would lunge for my food dish before it was even on the floor and the bowl would be empty within seconds! Well, apparently that's not good manners. She got me a special bowl to make me eat a little slower. AND...(drumroll please!) she won't set the bowl down unless I back up 3 feet from her and wait until she sets my food on the floor. Yes, I tremble with excitement and lick my lips while waiting...waiting...waiting...but she didn't have to teach me that! LOL I get 1/2 cup of food every morning and evening, and I don't get snacks in between, so I've learned to savor those two meals. The vet says I need to keep my weight down to keep pressure off my knees. I used to squirt out the door that my foster mom tried to enter or exit. Who knew she could hop up and down like that? But now I know to stand back if she says "Kimmie no...stay".

My foster mom says she's proud of me, and that I'm such a well-behaved and smart girl that I'll be a welcome addition in my forever home. And her reward for taking such good care of me? Cuddles! Lying on the recliner with her, being stroked, sleeping on her is good for both of us. If you think I might have a place in your heart, and on your recliner, or if you want to know more about me, please contact SBRET. I'm ready to meet you. My adoption fee is $175.