Adoption Pending :)
Knox's Needs: Hi there! I’m Knox! Before we go any further, you need to know that I have a VERY HIGH activity level! If you don’t have the time to seriously exercise me AND train me, I’m not your guy and you can stop reading now.

I am a happy, healthy, 5-month-old, microchipped, 9-pound, neutered male Bichon/Poodle mix. I am potty trained both on leash or off leash if you have a fenced yard. I sleep quietly in my crate at night. I also settle after a few minutes of yelling at the top of my lungs in my crate when you leave the house, as well as shouting out loud when you walk out the door to do something outside in the yard without me, so apartment/condo living isn’t an option.

The lady who got me when I was an 8-week-old puppy had a family issue come up so she made the hard decision to let SBRET find me a good home knowing that she would not have the time I need to be cared for properly.

I’m as happy as they come! I’m also as busy as they come! I’m not much of a napper when I’m outside of my crate. I can go all day. I’m going to need someone willing to exercise me a lot. I don’t get the whole fetch thing, so if that was your plan for exercising me, that won’t work. I play well with other dogs, but I also get the hint from my foster siblings when they tell me to knock it off. I can be annoying to older dogs. I have a whole lot of fun with the kitty at my foster parents’ house! He and I romp and tackle and roll around with each other but if your cat doesn’t like that, I might be too much for them.

I have a tendency to get under foot and my foster people are working on that as well as my jumping on people. I am filled with so much enthusiasm all the time, I find it hard to contain myself. My person is going to have to put time into my training. I bet once I get my commands down, I would be good at doing something like agility, where I could expend my energy in a fun way. I’m good at hiking and long walks.

I’m a GREAT car rider too, which is good because I’m not only high maintenance in my energy level, but also in my beauty regimen and will need to go to the groomer. I will require MONTHLY grooming my entire life! So, if you’re considering me as a family member, you need to consider that expense in your monthly budget.

Overall, I’m an exuberantly happy little guy who loves life! Are you the person who can keep up with me? I am neutered and current on vaccines and preventions. My adoption fee is $175.