Adoption Area: East Tennessee

Legend needs: Are you looking for a very loyal, one-woman man? Here I am! My name is Legend. I am a 2-year-old, 5-pound male Chihuahua/MinPin mix. Yes I know I am tiny and adorable but I am not the little guy for everyone!

I found myself in rescue when my owner was no longer able to care for me. When I came into my foster home I was very afraid and I did not want to come out of my crate. I had not been very well socialized. My foster mom moved me from a crate to an exercise pen for several days so I could adjust and become familiar with my new surroundings. After a few days I began to like my foster mom and the other dogs in my foster home. However, I still only like my foster mom. I bark all the time at my foster dad and do not like for him to be around. I am getting slightly better with him living here, but I think I would like a home best where I only have a foster mom. Because I have been barking so much, I would not do well with apartment living.

With my foster mom I am the sweetest dog ever! I love to be wherever she is, I love to cuddle, and also give her kisses. I will sleep all night long under the covers beside her. However, I don’t really feel comfortable with anyone else. Whenever my foster mom takes me out in public or has company over and other people try to pet me, I will show my displeasure by growling and trying to snap and bite. For this reason, I should not be in a home with children or where children visit. My foster mom believes with time I may adjust to more people, but until then when she has company over I stay quietly in a crate in her bedroom where I feel more comfortable and safe.

I still am not making much headway in becoming housetrained. I don’t like cold weather, or rain, or wet grass so I have not liked being outside much. I will go on a pee pad, but I am not consistent with that and I still have frequent accidents in the house. I am just now starting to take treats from my foster mom so this may help me get motivated with my housetraining. . This can be frustrating so I will need someone who is VERY patient and willing to work with me. So someone who is home part of the day is necessary.

If you are ready for the challenges I present, I promise I will love you forever and make a wonderful companion. I am neutered, up to date on all my shots, and am on heartworm and flea prevention. My adoption fee is $175.