Adoption Pending :)
Adoption Area: East Tennessee

Legend needs: My name is Legend and I’m a 2 1/2 yr. old (7/27/20), 5 lb male Chihuahua mix. I was an owner surrender. It may say Chihuahua mix but I possess 100% Chihuahua personality! I know I’m adorable but I am strong-willed, hard-headed and like things done my way. I will need a Chihuahua-savvy person with a stronger will than my own to keep me on track in life and not let me backtrack on my potty training.

I pick and choose who I like with no rhyme or reason. Some men I love, some I hate. Same goes for women. I like to keep everyone guessing, keeps me in control and I like that. I do not like people I don’t know to approach me or try to pet me. I will bark and lunge towards them. For this reason, I would not be good with children. The funny thing is, whenever my foster people hand me to anyone for them to hold me, I don’t do anything, I just hang out. I refuse to make eye contact though, just to show them I can’t be manipulated!

It took me quite some time, but I’m finally getting this potty training thing when taken out regularly. I’m learning to take advantage of emptying my bladder every time I go outside. However, I absolutely HATE the rain! I refuse to go potty while it’s raining. Not a fan of the cold either, just saying. I have been known to stand out in the cold rain, rather than just pee so I can go back inside, just to prove my point, as well as feign injury and scream bloody murder to try to win the potty training battle. Unfortunately, my foster mom caught onto that pretty quickly and I lost that battle. I will need someone home part of the day to continue with my potty training.

I get along fine with the dogs in my house but have no interest in engaging with them at all, even though they keep trying. My foster people have a dog-savvy kitty and I’m not sure what to do with him. He doesn’t run, so I don’t chase him. I just growl at him if he comes too close and follow him inquisitively on occasion.

I will guard my person’s lap sometimes, also another reason I would not be good with children. I like to snuggle under a blanket but don’t mess with me when I’m under there, especially in the evening! Just so you know, I HATE the robotic vacuum and shout at it a lot while it’s running.

I love following my human everywhere they go. I love snuggling with my people. I love playing fetch with my toys! I am a good car rider in a crate. I love going on walks on leash, but I don’t like to potty or poop while I’m on a leash. My furever person will have to continue to work on that with me. For this reason, I will need a fenced backyard and invisible fences don’t count. Just know, I cannot be left outside alone because I am definitely a meal candidate for hawks and you should be prepared to spend more time than you would like out in the yard some days, depending on the weather, waiting for me to potty/poop.

At night and when the people aren’t home, I sleep quietly in my bed in my expen with my blankets. I really like my expen, it is my safe space.

I bark when the other dogs bark or when there’s something to bark at. Sometimes it’s hard to get me to stop once I get going, so apartments and condos aren’t a good option for me.

I’m neutered, microchipped and up to date on my shots and monthly preventives.

So, are you a Chihuahua-savvy alpha human? Do you have the mental will to Outwit, Outplay and Outlast, the Chi-mix, the Myth, the Legend?!! If so, go ahead and put in an application for me. My adoption fee is $175.