Adoption Pending :)
Adoption Area: East Tennessee

Lily needs: Hi, I'm Lily and I'm a 2½-year-old female Shih Tzu. I weigh about 12 lbs and could stand to lose an ounce or two. Somewhere along the line between coming from my previous owner until I came into rescue, I lost my left eye. It's healed and fine now and my right eye works great! I will need to be an only dog so I can have you all to myself and would also prefer someone who's home a lot since I love attention. I'm perky and energetic, but my favorite thing is to sit next to my person in a big chair and be petted!

I am housetrained and am learning to walk nicely on a leash. I sleep in my crate at night next to my foster mom's bed, but am snuggly in bed too and appear to have slept with my prior owner.

I'm nice to everyone, don't fuss or bite and get along ok with other dogs when out and about. I just don’t like sharing my person with other dogs. We do not know how I feel about cats. I can be a little afraid of strangers coming into my house, especially loud ones. Bigger kids (ages 7 and 12) visited here over a weekend, and although I let them pet me, I still looked a little uncomfortable around them, so no small children, please. I will bark to warn you about people outside, someone ringing the doorbell or any strange noises and can be persistent until I'm sure everything's ok. Due to my missing eye, I sometimes accidentally walk into my person's feet, so I can only live with sure-footed folks. My adoption fee is $175.

Except for missing left eye, no known health issues
Loves to snuggle and be with her human(s)
Walks ok on a leash (needs work to walk beside, not cross in front of-may be due to left eye deficit)

Must be protective of remaining one eye
May try to guard lap if another person tries to pick her up
Must introduce new people coming into the home gradually, although I seem to do fine if I meet new people outside of my home