ADOPTION Pending :)
Louie needs: Hello All! This is Louie – a male 7-pound, 3 to 4-year-old cutie. We think he is a Maltese/Chihuahua mix, but are just guessing. He found himself at the shelter with terribly matted fur and a flea infestation and SBRET was able to take him in. Once he was shaved down, we found that his skin had an infection, due to the tightness of the mats and the flea bites. As you can see he has very short fur, but it will grow and he’ll need to be groomed on a regular basis.

He actively seeks a lap to sit on and loves having his belly rubbed. He can be clingy and we’re working on him keeping a little distance when we’re hanging out. He has begun playing with toys and enjoys running around the house. We keep 2 open crates around for him to run into when he becomes nervous because of other animals, people he doesn’t know and sometimes loud sounds.

He sleeps in a crate during the night, but loves hanging out on the bed before bedtime. He will adjust beautifully to sleeping on the bed if that’s what the new family wants. During the times we are gone, he stays in a crate as well. He will whine at first, but calms down after a short time.

He does pretty well on the leash and enjoys being outside – we use a harness every time we go for a walk or get in the car to visit friends. He is good in the car - we use a crate, booster seat, hook a seatbelt to his harness - but he may bark at people he sees. He barks when people come over but calms down quickly when given the chance to smell them.

Louie would prefer to potty inside – maybe because he was left outside for so long. He will make you think he’s done his business outside, and beg you to let him in or run in if the door is opened, then proceed to potty inside. It’s best to keep a close watch on him outside and don’t allow him back in until you’re sure he’s done. He was recently neutered, so he marked quite a bit at first, but we’ve been using belly bands to help train him and try to take him outside every 1-2 hours to help him understand what we want him to do.

Louie has been neutered, had a dental, is current on vaccinations, flea and heartworm prevention. He has a very mild grade one heart murmur. If you’d like a cutie pie, that needs a lot of love and encouragement, this guy is for you. His adoption fee is $175. You can go to and submit an application!