Lulu's Needs: Hello World, meet Lulu! She’s a 10-year-old, 10-pound beautiful grey female Miniature Poodle. She came into rescue as an owner surrender who could no longer care for her. She’d lived with that family her whole life so the transition has caused some anxiety.

Lulu has an area of concern. We don’t know if she was growly before, but she is now. When her foster mom tries to comb her hair, or take a toy away, she will growl and show teeth. I think it is anxiety and will recommend training for any home that adopts her. Her foster mom has had her near children and other dogs and she doesn’t exhibit this behavior toward them, but we don’t think it would be safe to have her go to a home with small children. A dog-savvy home is best – a family that will work with her to continue positive experiences so hopefully the growling will lessen. The groomer said she behaved well for her groom – no issues at all.

Lulu likes toys but can get a little obsessed with them. If she is calm she is allowed to play but once she starts being too possessive they are taken away.

Lulu is very smart and even at her age, very nimble and active. She enjoys wandering outside in the yard, so a fenced area would be ideal, but she potty’s well on a leash so a fence wouldn’t be required for adoption. She can use a pee pad but goes outside really well – as long as she’s taken out several times a day. Her foster mom used a crate at first for longer times away from home, but doesn’t have to any longer. The crate is good for short periods of time, but Lulu isn’t happy in one for a long period.

Lulu had ear and skin infections when she first came into rescue. She has been treated for both and they are both clear. She also had a nasty lump on her toe and that toe had to be removed. The biopsy came back with clean margins and it was a benign cyst.

We were told she didn’t like big dogs, so we think a home with no other dogs or friendly small dogs will be best. She hasn’t played with the other dogs in the foster home, but doesn’t seem to mind them. She’s even been around a black lab with no issues, but since she’s had a history, we don’t want to risk a bad outcome.

Lulu travels well in the car, both in a crate and harness/clipped. She enjoys looking out the window and barking at the strangers outside. She does bark – but only when we come home from work or when packages get delivered.

She will need regular grooming, both professional and in home, to avoid mats.

Lulu is spayed, had a dental, is up to date on her vaccinations and is current on flea and heartworm medicine. Her adoption fee is $100.