Behavioral Hold
Adoption Area: East Tennessee

Mack needs: Hey, y'all, my name is Mack. I was surrendered to a local shelter and then SBRET helped spring me out of there. I was severely undernourished when I was rescued, and my front teeth are missing because I chewed at fleas constantly. I weigh 17 pounds, and the vet guesses that my age is 6-8 years and that I am 100% mutt 🐶.

I have gained about 6 pounds since being rescued — I came in at 11 pounds. The vet estimates that, once I gain another 4 pounds, I will be at a healthy weight. So you can see I was in danger of starving to death. It makes sense that I can be protective about food with other dogs so at my foster mom's I enjoy a private dining area.

I currently live in a foster home with other dogs, but I will really be happiest and best if I am your only dog as I prefer to have my people all to myself! I am perfectly fine meeting other dogs when I am out going for walks, and I really do need a daily walk as I love it! I am cool to go hang out with you on patios and breweries as I have no issue with meeting other dogs. It’s just once I fall in love with my people and it’s time for cuddle time on the couch, I don’t want to share that space with other dogs. But I am such an awesome boy. Why do you even need another dog?! I wanted to mark when I came in my foster home before I was neutered and I may still have an occasional accident so please be patient with me when I transition to a new environment. I am currently doing very well in my foster home with my potty habits.

I respond well to my name, to simple commands like "Come" and "Sit" which I am learning. With consistent training, positive reinforcement like small treats and enthusiastic verbal praise, I learn quickly. Squeaky toys have been thoroughly gutted if I'm given the opportunity. I ride well in the car. I just love going for walks and have come such a long way learning how to walk on a leash! I love to snuggle with my foster mom or other pups. Currently, I sleep on a dog bed or on den furniture; however, with a little encouragement, I could be persuaded to share your bed.

I've been neutered, microchipped, I'm up to date on vaccines, heartworm and flea/tick prevention. My adoption fee is $175.