Adoption Pending :)
Adoption Area: East Tennessee

Maggie needs: I am a 17-lb, 9-year-old sweet female Maltese/Terrier Mix looking for my forever family. I was in rough shape when I came into rescue. I had double ear infections which may be why I don't hear that well and my skin was a mess also. The Rescue people noticed right away that I was overweight and I had a wonky walk with two noticable Lipomas (fatty lumps, which are not a big deal). My blood work and the fact that I was drinking a lot and peeing a lot in my foster home pointed to me needing a further test to determine if I might have Cushing’s Disease and the test confirmed that I do have Cushing’s. I am on medicine for that and I am feeling so much better. I will need to stay on the medication for life and have my levels checked periodically. I am on a pain reliever and glucosamine for my joints as I have a bit of arthritis. I can run again and I have a lot more pep in my step. I can go up and down at least 5 steps. I stay in an indoor exercise pen when my foster mom is at work, but I am a good girl about doing my business outside or a pee pad. I am a good car rider, get along well with my 4 foster siblings, walk well on a leash, and I don't bark a lot.

I am up to date on all vaccines, spayed, microchipped, and had my teeth cleaned. My adoption fee is $100.