Maxx's needs: Hi, my name is Maxx. I am a remarkably handsome and super smart 6.5-year-old male black and tan Chihuahua/Min-Pin mix. I weigh about 10 pounds.

I am a very active little guy and I love going for walks. I get excited when it’s time to walk, I “go vertical” and my foster mom has to calm me down so she can get my harness on. I sit quietly while the foster parents have dinner, but when I hear them put their forks down, I know it’s time to walk and I start getting excited! When foster mom gets up to take her plate to the kitchen, that’s when I really go bananas. My foster dad plays fetch with me and gentle tug of war. I like losing tug of war because I want him to throw the toy! I love to eat, and at meal time I express my excitement by, you got it, going vertical! Foster mom got me a maze dinner dish to make sure I eat more slowly. I can sit on command and also know “go to your spot” and "down" for a treat.

Foster dad says I am like foster mom’s bodyguard because I follow her around the house. I do share my foster mom's attention quite well with the other dogs here. Although I don't play with the other dogs, I might benefit from having a dog friend at my forever home who can show me the ropes and routines.

My foster parents have not seen me around cats. I show interest in chasing after critters, but my foster parents think I will be ok with cats that are dog-savvy. Speaking of dog-savvy, that’s something I need my future adopters to be so they can help me with a quirk I have. I feel uneasy when my harness and leash are taken off and I growl when my foster mom does that after we walk. It freaked her out at first but she realized it was just my way of showing I was nervous. She is helping me with this quirk by using a training technique called counter-conditioning to get over my nervousness. She learned this trick from a wonderful trainer with (thank you Auburn!) and she will teach you how to do this. I will likely take a few days to settle into my new home. That's when I need a fenced yard to do my business because I am uneasy about being handled by people I do not know. But once I get to know you, I will be your loyal friend and companion!

During the day I rest on a dog bed by my foster mom's desk. I like to be petted and loved in a lap, but not usually for hours on end. When I am being petted I like to nuzzle my face into your shirt and moan, almost like a purring cat. I am doing well with housetraining and do my business outside like i am supposed to. My foster parents let me sleep wherever I want at night. I usually sleep in their bedroom in a crate at night with the door open, and if it is late, I often will go in there on my own. Sometimes in the morning I’ll jump on the big bed and rest for a few minutes on top of the bedspread while the folks try to wake up. I tend to get anxious during car rides so I might not be a good traveling buddy but I'll be a great walking buddy for sure!

If you have an active loving home and are looking for a smart and loyal friend, contact SBRET and ask for Maxx! I have been neutered, microchipped, and current on vaccines and heartworm/flea prevention. My adoption fee is $175.