Adoption Pending :)
Adoption Area: East Tennessee

Mickey needs: My name is Mickey. I am a 10.7-pound male Terrier mix, about 10 years old. I was rescued from an area shelter and I am a good boy who has had no accidents while in my foster home – not one! You’ll have to pardon my appearance in some of these pictures -- I had three benign cysts and one BB (yes, a BB) removed from my small body – I’m doing great now! My teeth have been cleaned but, boy, they hadn’t been in a while… I had to have seven teeth pulled. But I can eat dry food like a champ!

I love snoozing in a cozy bed, a balled-up blanket or a pile of pillows during the day, but one of my favorite things to do is go outside! All you have to do is say the word “outside” and I leap into action, dancing around and barking with joy (my foster mom is working on that barking part). Once I’m outside I love to lift my leg on every tree, bush and clump of high grass I can find. I walk very well on a leash and just trot along wherever you lead me. Though I’m not a very playful dude when it comes to balls and toys, I know we could have lots of nice walks together if you adopt me.

Now let’s be honest: I don’t love being put in a crate, but that is where I sleep at night next to my foster mom and that is how I ride in the car. I whine a bit at first but then settle down. My foster mom has learned that she doesn’t need to confine me when she leaves the house; in fact, if you do that I may get very anxious and upset -- I want out to go find you! I will be okay if you just give me a nice place to settle while you’re gone.

And now a confession: I can be a bit of a growly, barky bully around other dogs. I try to assert myself too much and want to make sure everyone stays in line the way I think they should. I will be well behaved and calmer if I am your only dog, okay?

If you are seeking a happy, handsome fella (did I mention I love my belly rubbed?), please consider picking me. I am up to date on my vaccines and heartworm and flea prevention. I’m neutered and microchipped, and my adoption fee is $100.