Adoption Pending :)
Milly needs: Hi, everyone my name is Milly. I am a pretty laid back 10-year-old, 22-pound female Pug mix. I came into my amazing foster home through SBRET, who rescued me from a shelter life where my sister and I were surrendered. I am a very sweet and mellow girl and I love to follow and cuddle with my favorite person. I also enjoy getting belly rubs. I get along with the other dogs in my foster family and with the cat, but if I needed to, I could very easily adapt to being an only dog. I would like to have a fenced yard with a patio because I enjoy being off leash and sitting on the patio with my foster mom. I would not do well in an apartment because I enjoy barking at everyone who passes by like the mailman and golf carts.

When I came to the rescue, I had a cherry eye and bladder stones. Don’t worry though, the vet fixed me up and you can no longer tell I even had a cherry eye. I had 2 bladder stones removed also and I am currently on a special diet for it and antibiotics. I really get excited when it is time to eat, and I love my food.

For sleeping arrangements, I would love to be in the big bed, but my foster mom has me sleep in a crate or on a dog bed on the floor. I am fine with this, and I don’t whine but I would be really thrilled to sleep in the big bed instead. When you must leave, I can be left out on my own because I am mellow, and I do not destroy anything. I am well potty-trained, and I have only had 2 accidents since I got to my foster mom’s house. There were some pretty scary storms lately and I was too scared to go outside and go potty and my foster mom forgot to put a pee pad out. I rarely use the pee pad because I’m a big girl and I like to go outside to do my business. Storms are scary for me so I may need some extra cuddle time while they are happening. I walk well on a leash and do it much better than the other dogs in the house, not that I’m bragging or anything. I do get nervous when I try to get in the car because I am a hefty girl but once I’m in I settle in to stare lovingly at you until I fall asleep.

My favorite things to do are to follow my foster mom everywhere and be near her all the time. I love belly rubs, cuddle time, food, and staring up at you lovingly. I would really love a chance to love you. I am up to date on all my shots, spayed, microchipped, and I’m on heartworm and flea preventative. My adoption fee is $100.