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Adoption Area: East Tennessee

Minnie Mouse needs: Hey everyone, this adorable little face belongs to Minnie Mouse! Minnie is a 4-lb, 1½-year-old female Chihuahua mix. Her name is Minnie Mouse, but I call her Mighty Mouse and when you hear her story you'll know why.

Minnie was found by the side of the road after apparently being hit by a car. She had a gash on her head and was unable to move. X-rays showed both of her hind legs were broken, and her pelvis was broken in half. Our excellent surgeon performed emergency surgery on her and was able to repair her pelvis and one leg, but unfortunately her left back leg was too badly damaged and they were unable to save it. So little Minnie is what we call a tripod.

That's the story of Minnie Mouse, but let me tell you about Mighty Mouse. She spent weeks in recovery, on pain medications, stitches everywhere, a cone on her head, in pain and in a place she had never seen before. But she has come through all of that like a trooper, and is now the little Chihuahua she was meant to be! She does not let the fact that she only has three legs slow her down at all. She doesn't realize there's anything different about her and has completely adjusted to only having three legs. She does sometimes only walk on her two front legs, because her little backend is so lightweight with the missing leg! But, due to her size and the fact that she does only have three legs, you will have to be extremely careful that nothing happens to any of those. She will need a home with no big dogs, in fact she has discovered that she loves being the only dog in my lap and would love to be your only baby. She is not allowed up or down any stairs or steps, and when she is on the couch with me I pick her up, and put her down. She should not be jumping off of any furniture. And although you are going to want to snuggle her all night, it is safest for her to not be on the bed either. She sleeps quietly in her own little bed on the floor next to mine, or in her crate which is also right next to my bed. There are several blankets in her beds, and she loves to burrow underneath them. She does tend to get under foot during the day, so she needs a home with no children, and everyone in her new home should be very steady on their feet because she is very small and would be easy to injure.

Although she sleeps quietly at night, she is pretty vocal during the day so apartment life would not suit her. She does have a little separation anxiety and barks when I leave the house, and continues to bark until I get home. She is very attached to me and she will be to you, so someone needs to be home with her. She would not do well if left alone for long periods of time. No doggie doors, because she is way too small to ever be outside by herself. She is a picky little eater, and so far the only thing I've been able to get her to eat is Fresh Pet, but at her size one bag goes a long way! You will need to watch her weight, and make sure she does not become overweight. With just her three tiny little legs she would be unable to support herself if you let her get too big. She was doing pretty well with her outdoor potty training until this cold weather came. Right now she prefers to use the potty pads in the house, but when the weather warms up you can get her back on a regular outdoor potty schedule.

So that is a lot of requirements for such a little dog, but the payoff is worth it. Minnie Mouse is the sweetest, most loving, most affectionate little girl you could ever ask for. She has been to a couple of adoption events and as you can imagine, everyone wants to hold her. She has been friendly to everyone she meets, though she always needs to know where I am! She will likely bond to one person, but she likes everyone else well enough. I guess I could have left all of this out and just said "she's a Chihuahua" 😁

So if you're ready for this little Minnie Mighty Mouse to come and save your day, fill out an online application at She has been spayed, microchipped, and is current on heartworm prevention and all her shots. Her adoption fee is $175.