Medical Hold
Adoption Area: East Tennessee

Molly needs: Molly is the sweetest, cutest little girl ever. She’s 12 years old and weighs around 6 lbs and is a Maltese. She is on the thin side. We think she should probably weigh closer to 8 lbs. We’ve been trying to get weight on her with no success. According to her past vet work, she’s alway been on the thin side.

Molly is in beginning renal failure. We recently checked her values again before she had her dental and they had improved significantly from her first bloodwork. She is on medication and a special diet. We also give her Entyce occasionally if her appetite wanes. We put Nutri-Cal in her food trying to get weight on her. She’s good about taking her meds and loves her food.

Whoever adopts her would need to continue this regime as well as checking her bloodwork on a regular basis. The vet said it needed to be checked again in 6 months if all continued to go well.

She does very well on her house manners during the day but does need to go out frequently. She would do best in a home with someone there most of the time. Molly has difficulty holding it at night so her foster mom settles her into a playpen with a bed and pad at night.

Molly gets along ok with other small quiet dogs but does not have to have another dog in her home.

We know it sounds like alot to deal with, but Molly is worth it. She deserves a retirement home to live out her days. She rarely barks and just wants to lie next to wherever you are. Molly travels well in a car and is a great little girl who just needs a little extra attention.

Do you think Molly is the girl for you? Molly’s adoption fee is $100.