Adoption Pending :)
Adoption Area: East Tennessee

Muffin needs: Muffin is a 7-year-old, 8.4-lb Maltese/Shih Tzu little girl who needs a special adult-only family. She is spayed, fully vaccinated, microchipped, and had a dental.

We believe Muffin had a very difficult life and had never known love until she was rescued by some wonderful people who then contacted SBRET. She acts like a dog from a puppy mill.

She is very skittish/afraid when first meeting you. It takes time for her to begin to trust. Even then, she’s a bit standoffish. She very well may never become a lap dog although she does want to be on the couch with you.

She is having a difficult time understanding the concept of going to the bathroom outside. Her foster mom keeps her in a diaper, and she takes her out frequently. She is also crated when necessary. She’s gotten a bit better, but she may always require a diaper. They are not difficult to use.

A fenced yard is required as she is still not comfortable walking on a leash. Muffin does well with the other small dogs in her foster home. She is going to need a family willing to take it slow with her as she will be fearful in the beginning. Muffin needs a loving home with lots of patience where she’ll be accepted for who she is. She’s a sweet girl who deserves to be loved.

Would you consider giving this little girl the wonderful life she missed out on in her previous home? Muffin’s adoption fee is $175.