Adoption Area: East Tennessee

Murphy needs: Mr. Murphy is 7-year-old Poodle mix weighing in at 9 lbs who is looking for a dog-savvy person who would enjoy exercising with him and understanding when he prefers not to be disturbed! His finest qualities include knowing several commands, walking on a leash with swagger, great with other dogs, potty trained, tolerant with a groomer, doesn’t require a fenced yard and not a barker. Though cute and smart he does have quirks that are sporadic and will need someone who will take the time to continue positive reinforcement with him. He can be possessive of a blanket when he is sleeping, may guard a toy, and he attaches quickly to his caregiver and may guard his person’s lap from other family members. His foster mom does correct him and places him on the floor when he does that. He needs an adult home or one with kids 16 and over. He would like someone who is home during the day or who has some daytime flexibility to check in with him during the day. He needs to be exercised and not coddled! He loves attention but needs to work on his independence. He was uncomfortable at the vet and did get a muzzle while they were working on him. He was good for his grooming and likes being brushed. He is up to date on vaccines, heartworm and flea prevention, neutered and microchipped. His adoption fee is $175.

If you believe that you are the person that Murphy needs please submit an application and we would love to discuss him with you!

Thank you,

Mr. Murphy aka Smarty Pants