Adoption Area: Knoxville/East Tennessee

Nelson needs: Hi! I’m Nelson. I am a 12-year-old (could be a little older) male, Jack Russell mix with the longest legs. I am weighing in at about 14 pounds.

I came from a shelter and we aren’t really sure what my past was like. I think that I’ve relayed to my foster mom that I probably stayed outside quite a bit and didn’t have the most ideal eating habits. I was at the shelter for a little over a month; they got me up to date on my vaccines and then they reached out to SBRET where I am now in a really relaxing foster home.

Let me tell you about myself! I am mostly deaf – I can’t hear everyday conversations but will startle to a loud sound. I have mature cataracts as well but get around just fine. My teeth were the worst, my front lower teeth are pretty worn down and my canines were salvageable but the rest practically fell out during my dental. I feel SO MUCH better now! I am great to take to social events but for a limited time as I do have some anxiety and take a daily medication to help me manage that. I’m a man of comforts, what can I say? My favorite things have been to meet new dog friends, my tail wags so fast and to play with little toys. When you touch my front paws – that’s an invitation to puppy play for me. I even think I would like a fur-sibling that will play but not too rough, I am a senior and need to be mindful of my rest and relaxation time too. I recently learned how to use a doggy door and now spend my days going in and out as frequently as possible. Sometimes they shut the big door so I can relax a little bit because I will wear myself out going in an out as often as I do. At night when we settle in, I tend to pace at times. Sometimes it’s the perimeter of the room or sometimes it’s to the doggy door and back in. We are not sure if it is anxious energy or maybe a little dementia setting in, after all I am an older fella. If you like a lap warmer, I also really love to snuggle! I have not learned how to jump on the couch but if you pick me up, I would be the happiest ever.

I rarely bark, I don’t really have much to say, even when I play and go outside. Sometimes I will potty in the house if I am not taken out or given access to the doggy door after about 3 or 4 hours during the day. I do perfectly fine in my kennel at night and will be excited when you wake me up for breakfast and outside time. I walk really great on a leash too as well as ride really well in the car. Once I saw a cat at the vet’s office and was so intrigued but thought it should be left alone, I didn’t want to startle it.

Tidbits my foster mom wants you to know – I will follow you around everywhere, you move, I move. When you finally sit down, I will do my own thing and go outside or I will stare at you to pick me up so we can snuggle. Sometimes I will take a nap in my kennel. I eat really great but my foster mom soaks my food so it’s really soft for me. Because of the pain I had from my bad teeth, I developed a preference that you do not touch my mouth. I am happy with you cleaning my face, wiping my eyes, kissing my forehead, but not to pull up on my lips like the vet would do. For that, I would not be a good pup for a house with children under 12.

We are requiring a fenced yard because in my previous life we think I spent a lot of time outside so that is a very happy place for me. Having access to going out in the fresh air many times a day seems to make me happy!

If you think I might be the little senior guy for you, please submit an online application. My adoption fee is $100.