Adoption Area: East Tennessee

Olenna needs: Adorable 2-year-old, female, 9-pound possible Corgi mix looking for an adventurous family to call her own. Meet Olenna!! Olenna found herself at an area shelter, and she was missing quite a bit of fur, but her coat is coming in very nicely. She is a beautiful little girl!

Her favorite activity is encouraging other dogs to play with her by barking at them and tugging on them. A very tolerant pint size furbaby would be ideal for her. She will also do OK as an only dog. Olenna loves children and will do well with ones 5 years of age or older.

Olenna will not always potty when she goes outside, but is pretty good at using pee pads in the house. There may still be some accidents as occasionally she misses her pad. She is young though and smart, and is learning lots of new things!

Since coming to rescue Olenna did have two seizures and has been put on an anti-seizure medication. It has controlled the seizures. She will require follow up bloodwork to make sure she remains on the proper dosage of medication. This diagnosis has not slowed down her activities nor zest for life!! Olenna loves to go for walks on a leash and would enjoy a fenced yard to run around in.

Olenna has a cataract in one of her eyes and does not have vision in that eye but the other eye is healthy and she is able to see just fine. Olenna sleeps on a bed in the family room but might enjoy sleeping with her person also! She rides ok in a car, but does need to be buckled in so she doesn’t try to wander around. After a few minutes, she settles down and snoozes.

She is current on her flea medication, heartworm preventative, spayed, and microchipped. If you think you would like to meet this sweet girl, please fill application and let’s talk. Her adoption fee is $175.