Name: Orko
Breed: Boston mix
Sex: Male
Age: 5 years
Size: 20 pounds

Orko's Needs: Hello my future forever family, I'm Orko the magician! Hoping to find the right spell to magic my way into your heart! I am a happy dude, weighing in at 20 pounds, and I've counted 5 or maybe 6 birthdays (counting isn't my strong suit). Just a chill guy waiting on the right people. Who are the right people you ask? Well, I would LOVE to have people who will PLAY with me, SNUGGLE me and take me on WALKS. I've met dog-savvy cats and thought they were nothing special. I've met kids and thought they were pretty special, so if you have one who likes to run around the backyard and play chase, that would be dandy! Or maybe you have another pup who'd love a playmate? Right up my alley! Couch time is also the perfect time for me to snuggle next to you and get ear scratches. Leashed walks are exciting, and I'm happy to trot along with you, until I see another pup. I just get so excited and want to say hi (so make sure you have a good grip on the leash)! I am doing great with my house training as long as you do your part and take me outside regularly. I have not gotten the hang yet of asking to go outside but I am a smart boy and bet I will catch on to that soon! When foster mom is gone, I stay in a crate pretty quietly. She says I'm also really good at sleeping there too, but I would be just as happy on a dog bed by yours, or even under the covers with you!

Foster mom taking over the keyboard for a moment: Orko sounds perfect, but he does have a minor hitch in his giddy-up - he has hip dysplasia causing some arthritis. This is a common problem in dogs and he is on a joint supplement to help and should be monitored regularly by your vet. He cannot get overweight as this will exacerbate the joint issues. It doesn't slow him down too much though, and he is still a happy and active pup! And nothing further is recommended by his vet at this time. Since he has been in rescue he has had one seizure. The vet checked him out and ran bloodwork and did not see any issues. He may or may not have another seizure in the future.

Orko is ready to be the master of your universe! He is already neutered, up to date on vaccinations and heartworm/flea preventative. His adoption fee is $175, and applications can be found at