Name: Otto
Breed: Chihuahua mix
Age: 10+ yrs
Size: 9 pounds
Requirement: someone home part of the day

Hi! Do you recognize me from October? I was the cute little Yoda! If you don't remember me I will tell you all about myself again. It is good for us to get reacquainted since some things have changed in the last few months. Lots of things are still the same and my Foster mom says I'm still the very sweetest boy. I am looking for a new owner who is home most of the time or would like to take me along to work or on errands. When I came into rescue I had some separation anxiety but I've gotten much better about that and if I get a treat filled Kong toy before my person leaves I worry less! I still love napping, short walks and toy time. I only have 3 teeth but I love a game of tug even if I lose most of the time. I tolerate other dogs in the house if they give me my space. When I first meet new dogs I can be a bit of a bully but get over it quickly. I love to go on car rides! I stay in the passenger seat and take a nap. My Foster mom lets me sleep in the big bed at night and I have my own dog bed up there that I curl up in. If I get cold I sneak under the covers with her. I am very good about going potty outside. I have had a few accidents when I was left alone too long but I try hard not to.

So, here is what has changed..... I had a big lump removed when I came in to rescue. The vet didn't think it was a problem but it turns out that it was a mast cell tumor. Normally the prognosis on those is okay if the vet can remove all of it. Unfortunately I have another, smaller lump, in a sensitive area and we cannot remove it. Normally I am not bothered by it at all but other times I get a very upset stomach and feel rotten. I'm now taking some medicines every day (total cost of about $8 per month) that are helping those symptoms. Unfortunately, they won't cure me. No one knows how much longer I will live. Could be months or years. But my Foster mom thinks that as long as I am comfortable and happy I deserve to live out the rest of my time in a loving home. I'll give you all the love in my heart for as long as I can if you open your heart and home to me. 💖 My adoption fee is $100.