Name: Otto
Sex: Male
Age: 10 years
Size: 8 pounds
Breed: Chihuahua mix
Required: No apartments, someone home

BOO! I didn't scare you, did I? Don't worry, I'm all treat, no tricks here! My name is Otto. I was brought to a shelter because the landlord said, "The dog has to go!" That's actually for the best because my owners weren't taking very good care of me. I had fleas, terrible teeth, long nails and I hadn't been to the vet in ages. They said I am 10 yrs old. That may be true or I may be a bit older. I still get silly like a puppy sometimes so age is only a number, right? Since I've been in my foster home I've had my teeth cleaned. I've only got 3 left now but I eat dry kibble with no problem. I also love treats and will sit politely for them. I had a lump removed from my back leg too but the vet wasn't concerned about it. The scar looks a little Frankenstein-ish, just in time for Halloween! I do have a bit of arthritis but that helps me perfect my ghoulish Halloween walk! My foster mom is giving me a joint supplement to help keep me comfortable and the vet says short walks around the neighborhood will keep me in top shape.

I am a friendly guy and love everyone I meet. Especially if they give me treats and ear scratches. I'm okay with other dogs most of the time but can get a bit growly if I'm feeling like an old man. I probably wouldn't mind being the only dog. I haven't met any cats so I don't know how I would do with them.

Before I lead you to believe that I am perfect let me tell you about that landlord... it seems that he doesn't like dogs that bark a lot.... I can explain though! I only bark when I'm left alone. It is definitely not my fault if my person would leave me alone in the apartment 🤷. Tragedy could have befallen me! My foster mom claims I am overreacting 🤨. She too, leaves me alone sometimes but she lives in a house with no close neighbors to hear me beg for help. So far, I have survived such neglect but I would really rather have someone home most of the day so I'm safe.

If you would like to spend this Halloween together please fill out an application. I have been neutered, microchipped, and am up to date on vaccines and heartworm/flea prevention. My adoption fee is $100.