Peanut needs: Who: Peanut
What: 8-lb, 6-yr-old male Chihuahua
Where: Knoxville, TN

Hi, this is Elizabeth, one of Peanut's co-foster moms. The Nut has been with us so long that a couple of us take turns with him. We both love him to pieces! So, why doesn't anyone want to adopt Peanut? Well, he just doesn't make a good first impression! He wanders around looking super cute and cuddly but if a stranger tries to interact with him he growls and shows his ugly side. Unless you have treats! He will gently take treats and then growl after the bribes are gone! We are working hard at socializing him with new people but he is a tough nut to crack! See what I did there? Peanut, tough nut? 😁 If you are as stubborn as he is, you too can join Peanut's tiny social circle. He currently has exactly 4.5 friends and he is satisfied with that! We are trying to teach him that he can be friends with all. Well, except kids... He is not wrong in his assessment, tiny people can be darn scary! Peanut does warm up to a new owner quickly but will still growl and snarl if you are doing something he doesn't like. You know, something simple, like touching him! He may be a cat stuck in a chihuahua's body. Can you imagine how frustrating that must be for the cat!? No wonder he gets grumpy! I have been teaching Peanut that growls get him nowhere. He is exceptionally smart and he understands the concept but he is also massively stubborn and likes to test me! By the way, current score is Peanut 0, Elizabeth 549.

So, what does Peanut (aka, Nutter Butters, Peanut Butter Pie, Peanut Butter and Jelly, The Nut) actually like? His favorite thing is going for car rides! He loves them so much that he will get in the car with a stranger, candy or no candy! He also loves eating (not too much please as his knees aren't the best and they don't need the extra weight). He is always ready for his kibble and is learning tricks to earn treats. He knows sit, sit pretty, lay down, crawl, and is learning how to roll over. The Nut loves to be with his person at all times and is happy to go on adventures. He has gone camping and hiking with me. He can't put in huge miles so he does get carried when his little legs get tired.

Peanut generally gets along with all other dogs, big and small. He will get annoyed if one tries to sit in his person's lap but he is learning to share. He also has no interest in toys unless another dog is interested and then he grabs it. He's really just plain rude in that regard! He has met some cats and he has interacted quite well with them. Politely sniffing and then ignoring. I am madly in love with this stubborn little turd but no, I cannot keep him! His perfect person(s) needs to be strong-willed and patient. He needs an owner committed to continuing socialization and training to let him be the good dog I know he can be. If you think that is you, please submit an application. Peanut is heartworm-negative, up-to-date on his vaccinations, neutered, and ready for his new home! His adoption fee is $175.