Adoption Area: East Tennessee

I’m Rachel! I’m a Chihuahua mix female weighing in at 8.7 pounds. My vet says I’m around 6 years old. Before I went to the shelter, I lived with many other small dogs in a house without much individual attention, so I absolutely love having another small dog in my foster home. But if you give me a chance, I’d also be your one and only!

Here are my needs: My foster mom says I have learned soooo much in just a short short time with her. She thinks I’m exceptionally smart and curious and will become an outstanding pet doggie.

I’m learning house manners: like walking on leash outdoors to eliminate and learning not to steal unattended food. I’ve gone from not knowing what to do in grass, to being nearly perfect if taken outside regularly! I know what to do with an emergency potty pad also. Foster mom says I am a whiz now at leash walking! I do need a fenced yard because I am a flight risk. I also need a small dog friend to help me adjust to my new home.

At night, I sleep very calmly in my crate next to the big bed. Foster mom says that my new owner gets to decide if I get to sleep on the bed. I also stay in my crate when no one is home with me. I eat well and tolerate baths well. I love hearing “up” when we go in the car.

I don’t bark unless foster sis gets me started, so I will not be a huge barker unless encouraged. I’m sometimes shy around new people. I ignore the cat here except to sniff her. I’m appreciative of a snuggly blanket. I hate the sounds of shooting or fireworks, so I would like it if you could plan accordingly.

I will be fully vetted including a microchip and dental cleaning prior to going to my forever home. I promise I’ll be the best little girl and will love you forever if you adopt me. Could you be my new family? My adoption fee is $175.