Adoption Pending :)
Adoption Area: Knoxville/East Tennessee

Radar needs: Corporal Walter Eugene O’Reilly reporting for inspection! My friends call me Radar. I’m about an 8-year-old, 11 to 12-pound male Shih Tzu.

I was surrendered to a local shelter who reached out to my friends at SBRET so that I could get the medical treatment that I needed. I was heartworm positive and had ear mites and fleas when I came into rescue, but there are no parasites in this camp anymore and it feels so good. Heartworm treatment is not for the faint of heart, and I have to go back for my final check on August 1st. My adoptive home will need to be available to return me to Anderson County Animal Hospital on that day for my final check (free of charge) or do with their own vet and will have to cover the expenses themselves.

I have an old eye injury that makes my left eye cloudy, but it doesn’t cause me pain and I can see fine. I also have a cough from time to time due to collapsing trachea. I mostly cough for a bit in the morning, before bed, and if I get my heart rate up from playing or running. It’ll be important to use only a harness (not a leash clipped to my collar) to prevent any other damage and to not let me put on weight. I had a dental and lost 7 teeth, but that’s fairly normal for my age and breed.

I also came into rescue intact with zero house training. I have since been neutered, and I’m learning to be house trained, but I’m not there yet. I only wear my belly band now when my foster family is out of the house or busy doing chores. With continued training, consistent breaks, and good praise I should continue to improve.

What’s the summary on my medical history? I LOVE being clean, parasite-free, warm, full, and cared for. Please make sure to keep up good medical care so I can stay footloose and fancy-free. It’s the best!

I’m super sweet, especially with the ladies. I would prefer a mom, but I’m not aggressive with men and I have run right up to all the kids I’ve met so far to get pets. My foster dad is a big tall dude and I growl and grumble when he pets me, but I usually go to him for the pets and put my head in his hand when he stops. I like my foster Shih Tzu siblings, but I’m not a fan of cats. I could live in a home with other dogs or be the center of attention just fine, though I’ve not been around big dogs much and would need a meet and greet first.

I love little plush toys and nylabones and am frequently caught carrying them from room to room. I love snuggles and being held and bebopping around the house and yard. I’m great in the car, and the groomer said I was “the best foster dog” my foster family “has brought in so far” and that’s saying something. Listen, I told you I love feeling clean and bug-free. Why wouldn’t I like a great haircut, too!?

My foster mom works from home most of the time, but when she leaves she puts my belly band on me and I stay in the gated kitchen/den area with my foster siblings. We lounge in our beds and on the couch, and I play with my toys. Every once in a while I’ll slip out of my belly band, but it doesn’t happen often and I’m left in a place that can be cleaned up if it happens. A house where someone is not gone all day is probably best for me since I’m not fully house trained yet.

At night, I sleep in a canvas crate in my foster parents’ bedroom. When they say “let’s go to bed everybody”, I know it’s outside potty time, my bedtime treat, and then I head off to hop in my crate without being asked. I never have overnight crate accidents and would love to upgrade to your bed if you wanted.

Wrap Up: I’m a little sweetheart to nearly everybody, but some bigger guys might make me nervous. Feeling healthy and well cared for is the bees knees and I just want to find a patient, kind, caring family who’ll let me be their special guy. My adoption fee is $175.

Check out a video of Radar at link below:!AuByiIelgK20xAib89sIgYeOr6JG?e=7kiDPx