Adoption Pending :)
Adoption Area: Knoxville/East Tennessee

Repo needs: Hi, my name is Repo. I am 10 years old and a male Terrier mix breed. I am slightly overweight at 22 pounds and am working on getting back to a healthy weight. I was placed by SBRET as a puppy but sadly my owner passed away a couple years ago and a family member was able to keep me in the same house I had lived in for my first 10 years until they were no longer able to care for me. So here I am 10 years later looking for my forever home once again.

At first I was very scared, quiet, and shaky in my new foster home. When I realized my foster family was friendly I showed them my real personality! I am loving and friendly with other dogs (even ones that are not keen on me). I will play if other dogs are willing and will run for a toy/ball but don’t realize I need to take it back.

I can be left alone in the house for short periods of time and will lie quietly in my bed. I love a walk on a leash and I do not pull, try to chase cars, or bark at other dogs. I enjoy walks around the neighborhood or the park but will shake a little at first on a car ride. I am house trained and I know the words ‘go Potty’ and my foster mom encourages me to go after meals outside. I sleep in a soft bed downstairs in the kitchen.

I love being outside but I will chase the squirrels if they come into the yard. I am prey-driven with all of the outside small critters so I would probably not do well with a cat. I will alert you if anyone comes to the house by barking but do not bark all of the time and will lie quietly snoozing in my comfy bed most of the time. I love a belly rub and head scratch and will not jump on the furniture unless invited.

I have been neutered, microchipped and had a recent dental. I am up to date with all vaccines, flea/heartworm prevention. If you are interested in adopting me please submit an application. My adoption fee is $100.