Adoption Pending :)
Adoption Area: East Tennessee

Rico needs: Hi! My name is Rico! I am a 9-pound, cream colored, 6-year-old male Poodle mix. My foster mom named me Rico because I am so very loving and I like to give kisses. I was so happy that SBRET rescued me from the shelter when I found myself there as a stray.

My foster mom says I am the smartest and best dog! I follow her everywhere but my favorite thing to do is cuddle. I would love a home where I can cuddle beside my family or sit on your lap! So if you don’t let dogs on your furniture, I am not the guy for you! I also like to sleep beside you all night long. I am a good sleeper, but I am a cuddler!

When I came to Rescue, they found out I have a collapsed trachea. This is not uncommon in small dogs. It doesn’t cause me pain but it does make me cough. For this reason I will need to be on meds for this condition the rest of my life. I currently take Cerenia and I think it’s a treat when wrapped in a pill pocket! My foster mom can give you an estimate on the cost. I also need to be walked using a harness instead of a collar.

I am the best dog, but I am not perfect. I was not neutered when I came to Rescue, so I like to mark on everything! I am really good about wearing a belly band when indoors. I am so smart that my foster mom thinks I will stop doing it and become completely housebroken one day but I will need someone who is patient and will help me with that.

I am a good car rider and will lie quietly in the crate while we ride around. I get along well with all the dogs and people that I have ever met! I don’t really play with toys but I do like to walk around outside. Did I mention that I like to cuddle?

So do you like to cuddle? Do you want a best friend that is with you all the time? Then talk to my friends at SBRET about giving me a forever home! I am neutered, have had all my shots and am on heartworm and flea prevention. As a poodle, I do not shed and will need to be groomed about every 6 weeks. My adoption fee is $175.