Adoption Area: East Tennessee

Rocket needs: Please meet Rocket! He is a 15-year-old, 11-pound male Yorkie who is looking for a forever home.

Rocket has poor hearing and vision, and gets nervous and paces when he isn’t sure where his person is. He will whine when he feels he can’t get out of a room, or figure out how to get out. Once freed, he will calm down and loves to sit on your lap and get cuddles. He’s good on the leash (harness only), and manages to go on decent walks. He does well in the car and enjoys watching out the window as we drive.

His housetraining is a work in progress. Rocket wasn’t neutered when he came into rescue, and he loved marking inside and outside the house. Since his neuter, this behavior is calming down and, while he doesn’t tell us when he has to potty, we go out very frequently, sometimes every hour and there are few accidents. We use belly bands if we are planning to leave the house. We leave him in a small room with a dog bed when we’re gone so he doesn’t worry.

Rocket doesn’t care for crates and gets very anxious when put in one. Because of his age we chose to not try to get him used to one. He sleeps on the bed at night and doesn’t wake up until morning.

For such an old man, Rocket is very healthy - no heart issues, knees are great, teeth are fine he lost no teeth in his dental! Aside from his poor hearing and vision, his main issue is the collapsing trachea which causes a cough or coughing session several times during the day. We are treating him with a steroid to reduce the inflammation, then will switch him to a non-steroid medication to help control it.

Rocket is already neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, had a dental and up to date on heartworm and flea/tick prevention. His adoption fee is $100.