Adoption Pending :)
Adoption Area: East Tennessee

Russell needs: Hello Everyone, meet Russell! Russell is a 5-year-old, 4.3-pound male Poodle. He came in underweight and we’re actively working on adding some weight by allowing extra meals throughout the day. He will often decide to not like the food we’re giving him so there has been lots of experimentation to find food he will eat. Russell loves running around in a fenced yard, and we think that would be best for him as he hasn’t had a chance to get used to walking on a leash for pottying. We have seen him get a bit stronger, but Russell is still not able to climb stairs. He does love playing with toys and sometimes with the other dogs in the foster home. He enjoys most treats too!

He sleeps in a crate during the night and while left alone, but is very happy to be let out! He will whine a bit in the early morning to be let out, but will go back to bed for a bit more snoozing. Russell is still working on his housetraining and since he was just recently neutered he does have a tendency to mark so he has been wearing a belly band when roaming around the house. With continued positive reinforcement and lots of opportunities to go outside that should continue to get better now that he is neutered. He loves napping in a dog bed but especially loves curling up in a lap. He does well in a sling and a dog stroller too.

Russell has been neutered, has had a dental where he lost 12 teeth, is up to date on his vaccinations as well as on flea and heartworm prevention. His adoption fee is $175.