Medical Hold
Scarlett needs: Hi everyone, my name is Scarlett. I am a 12-year-old, 14-pound chocolate and white female Shih Tzu. I was rescued from a shelter and now live with my foster mom and dad. I need to start by telling you that I have been diagnosed with iris atrophy which causes severe sunlight sensitivity characterized by squinting, shaking, and opening my mouth. My pupil remains dilated. I do not have these issues inside the home or if it is dusk or nightime, or early in the mornings. This is the time I will happily trot outside to do my business. I have not had ANY accidents inside and I am learning how to use a potty pad indoors so i won't have to hold it so long. I’m on medicated eye drops because I have edema in my eyes which causes excess fluid probably just related to aging and genetics and the drops help dry that up. My right eye has the possibility of having lens subluxation since the tendons that hold in place are not all intact. So there is a possibility I might need to have my right eye removed sometime but hopefully not! Right now there are no issues with that. I do not have any other health issues and am a happy little girl otherwise.

I sleep all night in my x-pen with the door open and access to potty pads but normally I wait and go outside early in the mornings. I am a good eater and enjoy sitting beside you always. I do well on a leash but will just do my business then I'm ready to be back inside.

I live with other small dogs and don't mind them at all, but I really do not interact or play with them. I would not mind being an only dog. I am a very quiet,laid back sweet girl. I am spayed and had a dental and am microchipped. I am up to date on all of my vaccines, flea and heartworm preventatives. My adoption fee is $100.