Adoption Area: East Tennessee

Scout needs: Hi, I’m Scout, an 11-year-old 4-pound male neutered chihuahua. I was a very loved and cared for pup my whole life but once the human babies started coming I did not adjust well and rebelled badly by destroying their things and getting grumpy with them. Tiny chihuahuas and tiny humans do not always mix well. So my heartbroken owners had to make the hard decision to let me go to SBRET.

When I came here I thought I could run over my foster mom the way I did my previous owners. See when they did something I didn’t like I would bite at them (oh did I mention I have NO teeth) so I tried this with foster mom and she had the audacity to continue what she was doing, like put a belly band on me so I would not pee on her things. I have learned some manners here and now stand still to get my “fancy pants” on. I still am not crazy about a crate and will sing you the song of my people hoping that you will release me from my prison! Oh and yes I do like having my person around but am getting better about being left alone as long as I have a dog buddy around. Big dogs are a bit scary for me but small ones are fine. I don’t play with them but like knowing they are around if my person isn’t. I still bark at the cat which is much bigger than me!

I’m still working on house training but am getting better every day as long as you get me outside in time. As I mentioned I have no teeth but can eat dry food much better than canned. So if you are looking for a buddy to just hang out with you I’m your man! Foster mom says just don’t let me take advantage of you because I’ll sure try.:) My adoption fee is $100.