Shelby's Requirements: Hi everyone, my name is Shelby - I am a 2-year-old female tri-colored Chihuahua/Terrier mix. I weigh in at a perfect 9 pounds. I need to start by telling you I am VERY active, so if you are active too we will get along just fine. I walk really well on a leash so if you walk a lot, that’s great to help me use some of my extra energy. Also a fenced yard would be great because I’m pretty sneaky and usually looking for a way to run off.

I love to play with toys and I don’t like to share. I will take toys away from the other dogs in my foster home. I think every toy belongs to me and I can get a bit possessive about them with people too so we are working on that and you will have to continue working on that with me also. I will need a home without other dogs since I think everything should be mine.

My foster mom tells me I need an adult home so they understand I can be toy possessive. I’m a busy little girl but by the end of the day I’m ready to lie on the couch with you and watch TV. I do really well sleeping all night in my crate but as soon as I hear you moving around it’s time to start the day. My foster mom also crates me if she has to leave the house for a few hours. The rest of the time my crate door is open and when I’m not playing with MY toys I will take a nap there. I ride well in the car in my crate so I’m safe. I’ve doing really well with my housetraining as long as there is not an unreasonable amount of time between potty breaks.

I was obviously fed from the table in my previous home and my foster mom is helping me with my manners.

You may have noticed that I have been on medical hold for a while. SBRET was working with my vets to help get my coughing under control. I have airborne allergies and I have a collapsing trachea and take daily medication to help with both. I have an inhaler that I can use as needed. It is very important for me not to gain weight as that would exacerbate the collapsing trachea. I also take medication for anxiety which helps with my collapsing trachea also.

I’m spayed and had a dental and am microchipped. I’m up to date on my vaccines, flea and heartworm prevention. If you have an active loving home with a lot of toys contact SBRET.COM and get your application approved and make sure you ask for Shelby and we can meet. My adoption fee is $175.