Adoption Pending :)
Shelby's Requirements: My name is Shelby. I will be 3 years old on June 16th. I’m a 9-lb, female, tri-colored Terrier/Chihuahua mix. I am looking for someone who wants me to be their close companion. I enjoy following my person around the house, snuggling with them or being near them when they are relaxing, looking out the window at squirrels and birds, and removing squeakers from dog toys.

I don’t like to share and if another dog has something I want (even their food), I usually just take it, causing a rumble. This is one of the reasons why I need to be the only dog. Recently I went to stay in another foster home where I was the only dog. My foster mom there said I did really well and would make someone a great companion. I generally do fine in public with other dogs and cats around as long as they are not too close to me or my person. I tend to be nervous about meeting new people and may growl or bark to keep them away from me and my person until I get to know them better. Once I have had just a little time I do fine with other people.

I’m on medication (including an inhaler) to control my air-borne allergies which can set off my collapsing trachea. On occasion, when I have a lot of trouble breathing, I have to be put on a steroid medication to get this back under control. Otherwise, I am a very alert and healthy dog and I am told I have a cute and engaging personality that slowly emerges as you get to know me. I can walk up and down stairs, can jump up on the couch on my own, and I am very food-motivated. (I am not a picky eater and can generally be bribed by food to do what you want me to do.)

I’m doing great with my housetraining as long as I’m taken out about every 2-3 hours during the day. I walk very well on a leash so you don’t need to have a fenced yard, but I do need someone to play with me and take me for short walks to make sure I do not gain weight, which could make my breathing problems worse.

I’m crate-trained and do well being crated for car rides and when you leave the house for a few hours. At night, I sleep quietly in my crate. I don’t like to sleep late, though after I wake up and you take me outside to potty, I may sleep a little more on the couch or wherever you are.

I’m spayed, microchipped, and up-to-date on my vaccines and flea/ heartworm prevention. My adoption fee is $175. If you would like a great walking/snuggling companion, get your application approved at Be sure to ask for Shelby.