Adoption Pending :)
Adoption Area: East Tennessee

Tilly needs: Hello, my name is Tilly. I’m a cute and happy female Poodle-Terrier mix, with a thick black and silver coat which requires regular brushing and professional grooming. I’m estimated to be 7-8 years old and at last weigh-in I was 10.4 lbs. I’m so excited about being adopted. My tail wags each time a human passes by, hoping they’re the one. Right now I share my foster mom with two other dogs. Since they are older and don’t get in my face, we get along well and I now enjoy cuddling next to them. I’ll admit to being a bit jealous though ‘cause I really want a mom of my own. Though snuggling with a human is my favorite activity, I have an independent side too. I like playing with toys and I love, love, love to explore outdoors.

When first rescued, I was full of fleas and needed all my vaccines, a microchip, and dental. A small growth was surgically removed from my upper back too, but no worries. The growth was of no concern, the 2 stitches from the surgery will be out soon, and my hair will soon grow back into that shaved area too. Due to genetics, I have an early cataract on my right eye and the start of one on my left. I do seem to have some vision issues in low light or when something is on my right side field of vision. Blood work was also done, but other than finding I’m slightly anemic, probably from my past flea infestation, I seem to be healthy overall. It was said that with time and a good diet my anemia would go away too.

When first getting to my foster parents’ home I was very anxious. I paced a lot and needed to potty often. When not taken out frequently, I had accidents. After a couple weeks I was more relaxed and less active. Now I rarely potty in the house. I still want to go out a lot though and then usually potty multiple times as I leisurely explore in the fenced yard. To be sure there was no medical reason for my frequent pottying, SBRET had a urine test done and all was good. I’m just a girl who likes to pee when anxious or on all the special smells I find. You need to be careful when opening the outside door too. I easily slip out unnoticed. And though I enjoy walks and am doing better on a leash, I try to get free when I see critters to chase and don’t yet respond well to being called. Because of all this, I need a secure fenced yard.

I’m not the best on drives, because I don’t want to sit still unless held by a human. I don’t like crates but do better in a wire one which allows me to see my people better. A doggy seat belt might work too if the strap is connected to my harness tight enough to keep me from moving too much. If you need to leave for a few hours during the day, gating me in a room might be best. At bedtime right now, I do sleep in a wire crate, but I usually whimper for a few minutes before falling asleep. If taken out to potty before crated, I usually sleep through the night. I’d prefer though to cuddle next to you in the big bed or sleep in a dog bed nearby.

I am hoping for a forever person who is home at least part of the day so I can have plenty of cuddle time and get outside often. Someone retired, or who works part-time or from home would be best. I’d do well as an only dog, but a calm fur buddy around my age would be great too. If you adopt me, I promise you lots of kisses and all my loyalty and love in return. I’ve had a dental, been spayed, microchipped and I’m up to date on all my vaccines and preventives. My adoption fee is only $175.