Adoption Pending :)
Adoption Area: Knoxville/East Tennessee

Trixie needs: My name is Trixie. I’m the sweetest little 5-pound, 6-month-old (as of Oct. 1st) brown/black female Chihuahua mix. Did you see my cute little under-bite?

I’m very playful. I want and need another small playful young dog to hang out with. Larger dogs scare me - I hide from them after I bark at them awhile. I also bark at new humans but warm up pretty quickly. Apartment or condo living probably would not work out well for the neighbors. Because of my size I would need an active adult home or children would need to be at least 12 years old. Everyone has to be steady on their feet to keep all of us safe.

My favorite toy is a ball! I love to chase it around the house and yard. I’m doing really well with my house training for such a young pup. My foster mom takes me out often and I would need someone home part of the day so I continue doing well. I’m not a fan of pee pads and I usually tear them into little pieces. I walk very well on a leash/harness.

I sleep all night in my crate – my foster mom covers my crate at night with a blanket so I feel safe. During the day my crate door is open and I usually go in there for a nap. I’m having a little trouble with car rides as my stomach gets upset. My foster mom won’t let me eat anything a couple of hours before and she gives me Dramamine about 1 hour before we have to go in the car (crated) and it seems to be helping a lot.

I’m up to date on my vaccines and heartworm/flea preventions. My spay and microchip are scheduled for September 19. I won’t be able to move in with my new family until the following weekend. If you have a great home with everything I want and need, contact my friends at SBRET.COM to get your application approved. My adoption fee is $175.