Adoption Area: East Tennessee

Suzie Q needs: My name is Suzie Q and I am a 10-pound female Chihuahua mix, almost 9 years old. I’m a pretty laid-back girl and generally do well with other dogs (cats, not so much). I like to romp and run with other dogs and enjoy chasing small stuffed toys when you throw them. I’m always up for a walk outside, where I can sniff all the smells and see what’s going on. I do well on a leash but would love a secure fenced yard to run in if you have one.

I have had some chronic bacterial and yeast skin infections that are now cleared up thanks to a new, limited diet. It took a little while to figure out, but I am allergic to many common dog food ingredients, like chicken, turkey, beef and dairy. You will need to buy me special food (Blue Basics Skin and Stomach Care, no prescription needed, available at the usual places), and my treats and any medications need to be free of certain ingredients too. You must be very careful about this or my skin could become inflamed and infected again, which would require treatment. Weekly baths are recommended to keep my coat clean, and I also take a bedtime supplement that helps me stay healthy. It may sound like a lot to keep track of, but I promise I’m not a high-maintenance gal. I actually nap a lot during the day, and I like some couch time with my people in the evening.

At night I sleep without a peep in a crate beside my foster parents’ bed. I’ve had a few accidents in the house, but if you take me out regularly (especially after long naps) that should help a lot. You’ll need to be patient with me as I get used to a new routine and new surroundings again. And I do love a routine: getting up, going out and going to bed at regular times will help me be a good girl and understand what is expected. Because I am hard of hearing, I won’t come when you call me and I’ll sleep through loud noises. And since I can’t hear you, I may grow anxious when I can’t see you, especially at first.

When you have to leave the house during the day, you can put me in a room with my bed and I should be fine; I won’t cause trouble or get into stuff. If you put me in a crate and I can’t see you, I’ll get upset and anxious. I also get anxious when riding in a car, whether I can see you or not! (I’m just not a great traveler, period.)

Looking for a dark-eyed beauty who will be your walking bud, couch bud, best bud? Then I’m your girl. I am up to date on my vaccines and heartworm and flea prevention. I’m spayed and microchipped, and my adoption fee is $100.