Nilla's Requirements:
• Expen with water bowl (see below)
• Pet heating pad
• Peepads
• Prozac plan
• Carpet not advised
• Adult home with someone home during the day
• Puppy-Size Heartworm & Flea Control

Hi, everyone! Teeny Tiny Nilla here! I'm an 8-year-old female Chihuahua weighing in at a whopping 4 pounds. My foster mom says I’m a little princess looking for my forever Guardian Angel because I have several needs that must be met! My “castle” is an expen. I stay in there at night and whenever my foster mom is out of the house. My bowl, bed, blankie, heating pad, and special stuffed buddy are in there so that I have everything a tiny princess could want. It's become my "safe" place when I'm not out and about. I'm also used to eating in there, and peepads on the floor help when I have to pee.

When I first arrived at SBRET, I was drinking compulsively and peeing constantly everywhere, but my current foster mom takes me out very frequently with her other dogs, and I have learned to potty outside. I've gotten pretty regular so that helps both of us know "when to go." I usually tell my foster mom that I have to potty by licking my lips so she knows I HAVE TO GO! I can go potty on a leash walk, but I prefer a small fenced enclosure so I can walk around and explore. Even though my foster mom says I’m doing fantastic with my potty habits, I sometimes go inside the house so carpet is not a good idea for me. My forever peeps will need to put peepads outside my expen and be willing to clean up messes (because I will have accidents).

My foster mom keeps track of my drinking which helps me control my peeing. I have been checked out by a vet who has ruled out medical reasons for my over-drinking. The vet thinks my drinking compulsion is probably a quirk in my brain. I must be part camel because I will drink water until I vomit. My water intake is VERY important, so I need a furever home that can monitor the total amount of water I should get during a day and limit my intake to about 160-170 mL per day. I should only drink a little at a time to allow me to get my daily allotment but not to overdrink. (I think I pee more than I drink.) As for drinking the proper amount, my foster mom will bring a cup that will help you do that, and she's training me to go to only my water bowl in my expen and ask for water.

If I'm out and about, I usually go to my pen and ask for water. If I want water while I'm in there, I stand on my back legs to let you know I'd like a little more. She likes the little dance I do when I want water. If you have other dogs, you won't be able to trust me to ignore the other dogs' water bowls. I really will drink till I vomit. I also need a consistent meal plan so that my digestive tract remains stable because I have a tendency towards IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) symptoms.

People sometimes called me “Nervous Nilla” when I first arrived, so the vet recommended Prozac to calm me a bit. I do much better on Prozac although I still shiver and seem nervous at times. Prozac helps me with anxiety and overdrinking. You can see why I need my “happy” pills. My foster mom gives my daily dose of Prozac with my supper. She has experimented with weaning me off Prozac twice, but please believe her when she says, “Nilla needs Prozac.”

One secret trick my foster mom has learned about me is that I LOVE a hotpad! (A cat hotpad is perfect and safe for me.) It's probably because I'm so tiny that I get cold. She keeps one in my expen at night or in a quiet place in the house. I just LOVE it. In fact, since she discovered this "trick," she's noticed I don't crave water as much and am friendlier, happier, and less nervous...a nice warm cozy place is pretty relaxing.

I'm a sweet, precious, and loving gal once we get to know each other, but it takes a while for me to warm up to new people. In my past life I probably didn't have much exposure to new peeps, and the world is giant to me, so my furever family will need to be patient, older, quiet, and home most of the day. I also scream sometimes when I’m picked up … I probably have bad memories of being handled roughly. (Kids are not recommended for me because of my size and the hubbub that goes along with youngsters.) I love sleeping on the back of the couch and snuggling up to your neck or on your lap, but remember when you see those lips of mine getting into gear, I need to go potty.

I ride in a car fairly well, but sometimes I get stressed out and won’t eat or will have potty issues for a few days. I need puppy-size heartworm and flea prevention due to my size and a few allergic reactions.

I've been spayed, had all my vaccinations, and an extensive dental which took all of my upper teeth and all but 4 teeth on the bottom. Thankfully, they saved 2 big molars and side teeth on the bottom. But even with very few teeth, I'm a great eater, and I can eat a combo of canned and kibble. Kibble will help keep my jaws firm and strong. I only get 1/4 c two times a day!

If you would love to be my Guardian Angel, just contact SBRET and check me out! My adoption fee is $175.